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Contact Information for BCVSO and other veterans services

 BCVSO staff

Contact Numbers

•Belmont County Veterans Service Office:


Fax: 740-325-1246

3326 Belmont St., Bellaire OH 43906

114 S. Chestnut St., Barnesville, OH 43713

• St. Clairsville VA Clinic: 740-695-9321

 •Wheeling VA Center: 304-232-0587

 •Pittsburgh VAMC: 1-866-4VA-PITT (1-866-482-7488)

 •VA Regional Office: 1-800-827-1000

Michael Schuler - Outreach Coord. Lucinda Maupin - Exec. Director Keith Rejonis - CVSO/Asst. Director Kari Dillon - CVSO


Troy Skukan - CVSO

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Corinna Ritz - Admin. Coord.